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BTEC National Extended Certificate in Information Technology


  • If you are in Year 12 or 13 in September 2020, click here

Course Codes

  • Your course code is 601/7575/8

Course Overview

  • Unit 1: Information Technology Systems
    • In this unit students will explore the relationships between the hardware and software that form an IT system, and the way that systems work individually and together, as well as the relationship between the user and the system. Students will study the issues related to the use of IT systems and the impact that they have on organisations and individuals.
  • Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage Information
    • This unit allows students to study relational databases. Students will study the structure of data and its origins, and how an efficient data design follows through to an effective and useful database. Students will be given a scenario and develop an effective design solution to produce a database system. They will then test their solution to ensure that it works correctly. Finally, they will evaluate each stage of the development process and the effectiveness of their database solution.
  • Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business
    • This unit allows students to explore different social media websites, the ways in which they can be used and the potential pitfalls when using them for business purposes. Students will develop a plan to use social media strategies for business purposes to achieve specific aims and objectives. They will then implement the plan, developing and posting content and interacting with others. Finally, they will collect data on the business use of social media and review the effectiveness of their efforts.
  • Unit 6: Website Development
    • Students will either study about Data Modelling or Website Development to complete the course.


  • You will study four units. 58% is externally assessed with the remaining 42% internally assessed coursework
  • Unit 1 is a written exam (2 hours) and 33% of the final qualification
  • Unit 2 is an externally assessed set task (5 hours) and 25% of the final qualification
  • Unit 3 is an internally assessed assignment and 25% of the final qualification
  • Unit 6 is an internally assessed assignment and 17% of the final qualification

Entry requirements
Pass in Creative iMedia or 5 in GCSE Computer Science and a 4 in Mathematics