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Creative iMedia


  • If you are in Year 10 or 11 in September 2020, click here

Course Codes

  • If you are in Year 10 or 11 in September 2020 your course code is J817

Course Overview

  • R081: Pre-production skills (Year 10)
    • You are introduced to a range of essential pre-production techniques used in the creative and digital media, including client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques.
  • R082: Creating digital graphics (Year 10)
    • Building on the skills and understanding that developed in R081, you explore where and why digital graphics are used and the techniques that are involved in their creation. You apply your skills and knowledge in creating digital graphics against a specific brief.
  • R085: Creating a multipage website (Year 10/11)
    • You explore the different properties, purposes and features of multipage websites. You demonstrate their creativity by combining components to create a functional, intuitive and visually pleasing website.
  • R087: Creating interactive multimedia products (Year 11)
    • You develop your knowledge and understanding of about where and why different interactive multimedia products are used and what features are needed for a given purpose. You learn how to interpret a client brief, and how to use time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques as part of the planning and creation process.


  • R081 is an externally assessed written exam 1 hour 15 mins (25%)
  • R082, 5 & 7 are internal assignments, externally moderated (75%)